About us

Pinco SA is a manufacturing company that includes different ranges of products: drying rooms for soft confectionery and curing chambers to serve the market of lead acid battery production.

Although these two markets are light-years away from each other, they have some common points that made this strange combination possible.

Our story starts in the early Seventies, when the company developed its first drying room for soft confectionery. A new design with innovative technical solutions quickly made the name of the company well known to jelly manufacturers in search of a way to improve the quality of their products. Just like today, the aim was to dedicate any efforts to designing high quality plants that combined flexibility, reliability, process consistency and – last but not least – savings.

But life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

In the mid-Nineties, we received an enquiry to adapt one of our confectionery drying rooms to the production of lead acid batteries for the curing of the lead pasted plates.

Although puzzled, our experience in drying, combined with that of the battery manufacturer in curing, showed this possibility and opened a brand new market where we entered on tiptoe.

While our name started to spread also amongst battery producers, the potential of our curing chambers and of this new application became very clear soon; the company grew in size to adapt itself to the new market, continuing to broaden its knowledge on both fronts and to guarantee the usual high-quality standards.

Nowadays, Pinco SA is the leading manufacturer and a reference name for both markets.

In the last decade, Pinco SA had the foresight to anticipate the global demand to reduce the energy consumption in production processes, in order to develop the first energy recovery system for the drying process.

Lower energy demand means of course lower process costs but especially means a reduction of pollution and better environment impact, for the good of all.

Working side by side with our customers is a must for us: we are proud to support you with our expertise, know-how, technology and assistance for the success of your products.

We do not manufacture standard machinery that suit everybody: we manufacture the right machinery for each single customer, targeted at its specific needs, which are different from everyone else’s.