Drying Rooms

Drying rooms for mogul products

Characterised by sturdy construction, a self-standing structure and sandwiched panels to guarantee easy installation and perfect insulation without energy loss, our drying rooms provide perfect airflow distribution over all trays, resulting in constant quality for each pallet loaded.

The dimensions of the drying room vary according to the products characteristics, the loading time and the space availability. The standard width can accommodate three double pallets or two triple pallets, even with Jumbo mogul lines configurations.

The very high efficiency of the airflow guarantees the maximum removal of the humidity that the product releases, thus lowering the humidity levels into the starch for improved drying effect and lower resort to using the starch dryer, with further consistent energy savings.

Cycle programs can be fully customised through the on-board PLC display with user-friendly HM interface: all process parameters can be set for a smooth and precise control of the conditions of product and starch. A dedicated personal computer provides graphic visualisation and storage of every process run for quality control and traceability and allows for technical remote assistance.


The cooling tunnel for enrobed products provides fast drying for all products that need enrobing with chocolate or sugar glaze: gelatine, pectin, marshmallow, fondant and toffee can all undergo a quick process to create the outer skin before moving to the next step.

The tunnel includes the pre-cooling section, with controlled air and temperature conditions, the cooling section, with filters, heat exchanger, ventilators, temperature and humidity probes, and an unloading section, for the collection of the pallets that completed the process.

Inside the unit, pallets move onto rails with a hydraulic pulling system at fixed speed.


To improve the loading and unloading times as well as the permanence of the pallets inside the drying rooms, a customised track system can be installed inside the unit for step-by-step movements of the pallets. An identical system is also installed outside the units, connecting the mogul line to several drying rooms for automatic loading and unloading, thus reducing any manual operation.

Thanks to a closed loop system requiring drying rooms with doors at both ends, FIFO processes become possible, thus guaranteeing full control over the drying time for each pallet as well as improved consistency in the quality of the processed products.


Developed thanks to the wide experience in drying rooms, the automatic transport system for mogul pallets brings high efficiency production plants to even highest levels of automation. The system is based on one or more automatic guided vehicles (AGV) that pick up the pallet with trays at the exit of the mogul line, where a turning station turns it 90° to allow its correct positioning inside the drying room.

The AGV moves orthogonally thanks to small rails embedded in the floor. For existing plants, a version with fully laser controls is also available. The lack of fixed transport structures inside the drying rooms allows easy cleaning of the area and therefore higher hygienic standards.

An integrated control system supervises the transfer of pallets from the mogul line to the drying rooms (loading) and back (unloading), with full flexibility and easy control through the supervision software with graphic interface.

Drying room for labs

The laboratory drying room is the ideal solution to test the drying cycles for new recipes, to develop new curing profiles or to evaluate the savings in terms of production time that can be achieved by using our full-size drying rooms.

Suitable for small batches of product, it guarantees the maximum flexibility for all drying parameters thanks to the built-in heating, dehumidification and cooling devices, as well as the control of the airflow through every step of the cycle.

The operator can adjust every single parameter and control the whole process through the on-board HMI monitor: all details and data about the cycle are displayed graphically and stored on a personal computer, thus guaranteeing a detailed tracking history for quality analysis and verifications.

Versions for Jumbo trays or with double capacity are also available.

Palletising system

Designed to control accurately the palletising process by checking the amount of jellies in each plastic box with a 20-gram tolerance. Plastic boxes are then piled up automatically on the pallet, thus reducing manual interventions and offering a very fast machinery payback. The system includes a vibrating buffer station to collect the jellies from the mogul, a weighing device, a deposit station, a box transport system and the robot for boxes palletising and loading of the empty boxes to feed the line. Colour detection to remove the wrong colour products from the boxes is also available.